how to connect Airpods to Dell Laptop

How To Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop? (3 Easy Steps!)

Are you interested in knowing how to connect AirPods to your Dell laptop? We have put together a simple guide to help you through the process.

How To Connect AirPods to A Dell Laptop

We have a method that should work for everyone, no matter which version of the AirPods or Dell laptop you have. Read on to find out.

Put the AirPods into their included case to start. Then, press down the button that is located on the back of the Pods case. The light there should begin blinking.

  • On the laptop, head to Bluetooth settings and choose “Add New Device”.
  • You should see the AirPods listed then on the page titled “Add a Device”.
  • If you click the pair/connect button, they will link up.

How To Connect AirPods to Dell Computer?

If you want to connect the AirPods directly to your desktop computer, you could do that too, but the method might be a bit complicated for some. So, we have laid out the detailed instructions for you.

First, ensure the AirPods have been activated, and the computer is active as well. They also need to be close to one another.

Then, open up the Bluetooth options (found here) on the computer and choose “Add Bluetooth”. Choose “Bluetooth” next, and then you can find your AirPods in the list that comes up. Choose to pair the devices, and that should do it, says Verizon.

FAQs On Connecting AirPods to Dell Laptop

Do AirPods Work with Dell Laptops?

They do work with one another, but the pairing process can be a bit tricky. Just follow the directions we gave you.

Can You Connect AirPods to a Dell Laptop?

Sure you can, but you will need to ensure they are both on and charged and that the computer has been connected to the internet. Follow our steps above for how to connect them.

Will My AirPods Work as Smoothly as They Do on My MacBook or Other Apple Devices If I Connect Them to a Dell Laptop?

No, they will not, since Apple devices are designed to work with each other but not with non-Apple devices, according to Apple’s official website. The integration won’t be quite as good as it would be with Apple devices, but they will still connect to any secure laptop.

Will My AirPods Lose Battery Faster If I Connect Them to My Dell Laptop?

Once connected, the AirPods’ battery life will decrease faster. You get a better battery life when connecting the AirPods to an Apple device because of how well they are designed to work together.

The decrease in batter life isn’t substantial, but it is definitely there.

Will Using My AirPods with a Dell Laptop Long-Term Decrease Their Lifespan?

Not really, but you could see a shorter battery life. There might be some audio dropping too from time to time, especially if you move as you use the AirPods, so be aware of these shortcomings.