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Welcome to Dillo 3


We really hope you enjoy using Dillo. Please bear in mind that although it’s very stable, it’s still incomplete.

Before you get started exploring the web using this program, please take a look at the hints and tricks we have collected here.


  • You can tell a link from plain content by the hand-shaped cursor.
  • Besides browsing the web, Dillo also has basic file browsing capabilities included. So, entering “”file:”” in your Dillo URL window will give you the contents of your current working directory, and “”file:~”” entered in the same place will point your Dillo browser right to your home directory…
  • Dillo, at this stage of development, is not ready to render pages that use frames. Nevertheless, it comes with a tiny handler (lynx/w3m-like) that will let you choose which frame to visit, one by one.
  • Dillo has context sensitive menus using the right mouse button (available on pages, links, images, forms, the Back and Forward buttons, and the bug meter).
  • Some of the functions in Dillo are handled by independent processes. For instance, downloads come through